14 September, 2010

tourism australia.... oprah's new bitch.

it was revealed today that the queen of day time television, oprah, is planning a visit to our shores. in a deal with tourism australia, she hope to go out with a bang at the sydney opera house. celebrating her final season on television, this move is to me completely unexpected. are we just the highest bidder? or simply, the most desperate for fat american tourists with big wallets and even bigger mouths to come here and misunderstand our culture and get peeded on by a koala?

this will also be the first show to be filmed outside of america. ok so two things: 1, who cares? and 2, why here?

so i do care a little, only as a passing fancy and the 'ha cool' factor. the later point i think interests me more. surely oprah doesn't give two shits about our economy and its reliance on foreign tourism, so what's her motivation. my guess is money. although, tourism australia isn't spilling on how much money they have put into this scheme, new south wales has admitted to putting up $1 million (usd) towards this.

the episode announcing the trip 'down under' was viewed by 40 million americans and an estimated 30 million people internationally. 70 million people! almost 4 times our population. if even a sixth of them actually make a trip here that's.... well i don't know exactly but ALOT of people.

moreover, i can't see your average sydney-sider getting a seat in her opera house audience. the nicole kidmans of australia maybe, but me? probably not. ooh well, nothing we can do about it now.... welcome oprah. i suppose its better that she comes and visits than mel gibson.

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