25 January, 2010

don't have children....please

ok there is no way i am ever going to another full bdo. my ovaries just cant take the sad mating displays of todays australian youth. just because you can go shirtless DOESNT MEAN YOU SHOULD!! gah! bad tattoos, even worse clothes, hair cuts, music knowledge and general language skills personified the average bdo attendee. i actually heard a girl ask her mensa candidate friend, "so why is it called 'the boiler room'?" the obvious answer was confidently supplied as, "well when the war was on thats where they made the boilers, you know, for the ships and stuff.". i kid you not. and it gets worse, she was not 18 and clearly pregnant. put a udl in her hand and she is the best mother EVER.

so i went home with very mixed feelings. good music and rad company with rach and kyle versus all the other dillhole idiots dancing like an octopus having a seizure. hhhmmm it is a pickle, but even muse covering ac/dc didnt take enough of an edge off for me to go through that again.

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gp said...

lllllllllllllllooooooove love love

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