18 January, 2010

holidays suck for the homeless

i have a ridiculous amount of time on my hands and very little money once i pay for the essentials like: rent, electricity, wine and american apparel tops. makes holidays far less fun i can tell you. on the up side i've gone through a months worth of internet in 4 days and have almost finished my latest book.

still, its like a physie comp without the big hair and large amounts of fake tan. isn't as fun, even if it probably is better for me in the long run. then again i do now get to watch the bill episodes from the 90s...only so many times u can watch jim carver self destruct before you want to give him a slap and tell him to grow the bloody hell up.

so the job hunt must begin, i suppose. tomorrow, will do the walk of shame from cafe to cafe like a whore without a pimp. meh. the bdo, good pals and mums love and cooking will help a lot!!

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