17 June, 2010

attention: due to the gfc there will be cutbacks.

i have been feeling over the last few weeks that, although i've blogged daily for almost 2 months, the quality of my posts has begun to decline. so from now on, i won't be posting as often. rather i will let my writing be dictated by quality content as opposed to quantity time constraints.

still, if anyone has anything they think i should write about; or just have a topic you think would suit darth michelle, then please feel free to let me know. am a bit of a shut in till tuesday.....exam. gah!

until then peace out, bitches!

p.s., happy birthday dad. :)

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Emma said...

Well I wasn't going to say anything...but I'm glad you realised.

Ha ha. Just kidding! I will miss my daily read!

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