23 June, 2010

you can't always get what you want.

don't worry i'm not about to lurch into song with some jaggeresque dance moves. but, what i will do is implore you all to never EVER get talked into writing (or even reading) blogs. sort of an odd topic to choose for as blogger, i suppose, but i'm quite angry at the vicious cycle i seem to have got myself into. one with with no escape route in sight.

some of you may have, and i stress 'may' have, noticed i'm quite the angry ranter. probably because i was miss treated as a child. too late to call child services now. OR, more likely it could be to do with my need for an ego stroking coupled with a safe outlet for my own eloquent brand of meticulously well thought out rage.

even so, now that i have time to actually sit and read a book or watch a full season of glee in one marathon sitting, there is also time to think. serious thinking. life, the universe and everything type thinking. which, like always with me, equates to being bummed out. the things you have always done, or believed in or even just thought were pretty are constantly shifting. to the point that one day you turn around and its 2010 and apparently cargo pants aren't cool anymore.

as i bring this rambling tirade to a close, i really should get to my point. today, i begin 'operation unplug'. taking mini steps back from my computer, very slowly so as not to scare the poor thing. i spend far too much of my time looking at a computer screen and not talking to people. it can't be healthy. as a result, today my twitter account dies. who knows this week i might read 2 books instead of my usual 1, spend less money online and make a new cool handsome shaped friend.

'cause, if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.

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