11 June, 2010

the satorialist.

some of you may know of the lovely fashion photographer scott schuman's blog the satorialist. i routinely check this blog a few times a few to see what weird and wonderful people he has grabbed a shot of on his travels all around the world.

if or when you go check this blog out the thing i always remember is, i can never either afford most of the things on it OR would never think of combining these clothes and coming up with a look like that. but, it does give you fashion ideas.

my taste in fashion is actually fairly generic in comparison to the people in the blog. i have come to terms with this. still, the quest for cool, different, brand name clothes is never ending. you might not be able to buy cool but, snazy clothes might make you feel pretty cool.

this blog just goes to show you, pushing the envelope in what you wear is really just a question of how far you want to go. the blog really does prove that fashion style can reflect your own personality. these are people on the street, normal people. just like you and me. 'cept richer. bastards! ha!

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