12 June, 2010

happy birthday! hope you like your miller's voucher.

so, today is my birthday. yay! the big two-five. eek! anyway, i am a narcissist but i actually wanted to talk about the act of giving gifts. now before you all rush off to return your gifts for me STOP, read this and then decide if the panda jumper you bought me is actually a good fit.

i read a few months back a very cool article about the act of giving someone a complement that i think is appropriate. there is an intricate behind the scenes emotional roller-coaster ride of motives one has when giving a complement (or in this case a birthday present).

the level of intimacy between two people is one aspect of how personal and/or expensive a present is. still, the more specific the gift the bigger the risk. no one likes to be put into the wrong group. you skrew up and give a present that the receiver doesn't like then you are essentially putting a square peg in a round hole. it won't work. BUT, if you get it right then well, perfect present equalling hugs and kisses.

still, this is a minefield. the easiest way around this in today's culture is the wondrous gift voucher. this is though essentially admitting, 'i don't really know what you wanted and it's rude to give cash so here, buy what you want.'. hmmm i'm not exactly sure how i feel about gift vouchers or even cash as a present. i like money but, at the same time it makes you feel as though that person doesn't really know you. that, in my mind, comes down to the gifts recipient not the gift giver.

oooh well, this is all rather redundent. 25 isn't a big birthday and i am truly not expecting more than a drink in my ability to have lasted half way through my 20s. giving a gift is a lovely gesture that even if i don't love i'm sure i will like. plus i'm a good liar so you will never know the difference.

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