31 July, 2010


well, it isn't really a debate i find difficult to come to an opinion on. men who wear their pants half down their legs in an effort to flash their expensively branded ass look like docuhe bags who think a fun night out includes watching jersey shore and then maybe going out and robbing a bottle shop. still, i never thought i'd see the day when wearing your pants this way could be an illegal act. and i got to say, i love it!

now, the new york post is complete trash but the article re this news is pretty interesting and hilarious. check it here!

fyi, i just found out what jersey shore is and have never watched it. but, it seemed an appropriate metaphor for stupidity. cheers, kathryn. you teach me things.

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katherine kiss me said...

It probably would have been better if you didn't know but I couldn't leave you in the dark. Oh Jersey Shore.... ew.

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