19 July, 2010

my world is all askew!

i have just discovered that there is a physie book and feel like i have stumbled into the twilight zone. i really shouldn't be surprised but, to think that our small sport has a book that has actually been published seems a bit, i dunno, weird. now, i'm not about to start critiquing the book because, quite simply, i haven't read it.

still, it was written by a physie girl (danielle walsh) about a physie girl so, that is a good sign. william faulkner suggested, you should always write about what you know, unless of course you are emily dickinson then you have the skill to do whatever you want. anyway, you can get a copy here, if you like physie. from reading the blurb, a very 'up' positive take on our wildly odd sport can be found in this first step into the world children's literacy.

also, i'm not above asking for a free copy in exchange for an actual, well thought out, review. so, free copy please. i'll be nice, i promise. ok fine, i'll be honest.

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Nicki said...

wow, would be interesting to see whats in it??

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