26 July, 2010

a match made on hoth!

my love for star wars knows no bounds and as it turns out, by proxy, the same is true for adidas! this is because, they have released a line of star wars themed shoes and clothes! as someone constantly searching for the perfect pair of white high-tops this find could not have come sooner. also, what is not to love about an advertising campaign involving snoop dog.

these are the shoes that i have in mind. now, it is just a matter of getting my hands on a pair. thank lucas, that my sister currently resides in america. the home of all things ridiculously consumer minded.

check the whole line here and receive an oddly accurate laser display show courtesy of our good pal darth vader's ultimate weapon, the death star. the vid below it also definitely worth a look. oh and spot daft punk, i love them even more now.

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