03 July, 2010

more than just a ship.

been a while since i had a serious squee about anything....been more in a winger mood. ha! but, that is all about to change. have been re re introduced to the wonderful show firefly and its movie prequel of wonder, serenity. the former is believe by most, if not all, internet nerds to be the best television show to be cut off before it had a real chance to fly. cancelled by the fox network, who we all know is known for its very 'high' standards and tv excellence, at the end of its 14 episode first season. scandalous!

a space western by joss whedon, the man that brought children of the 80s and 90s buffy the vampire slayer and her cheap knock-off brother angel, continued doing great work for the network only to have his heart ripped out and eaten by the hungry vampire himself rupert murdoch! not the cool vampire with the sexy leather pants, the really evil republican kind.

anywho, if you like sci-fi AND westerns then get your eyeballs glued to this show and its movie counterpart. it is like star wars but without that pesky 'force' thing. oh and fist fights, robbing trains and a psycho ninja ex-ballerina....what's not to love?


gp said...

WHY ARE THERE ONLY 14???? so many unanswered questions!!!!

also do you want to get addicted to dollhouse with me? there is at least two seasons of that.

and you are the worst replier today...
feeling unloved wifey xxx

Nicki said...

i leave and you fall in love with series i have loved for years! gesh! :P. PS how did i not see this before! :)

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