14 July, 2010

i've got sunshine, on a cloudy day.

as i was trolling the internet yesterday for something to occupy me.... as you do, i found this! POPTISIMS! we all remember the motivational posters of yore, you know the ones with pictures and stupid phrases underneath that do not in anyway promote motivation but in actual fact, make you feel slightly depressed about the creative spirit of the douche bags that come up with them. anyway, poptisms, have decided to reinvigorate the idea and they are doing it with passion and a clever up-to-date attitude.

they remind me of a funny, romantic, completely lame movie i watched last week, 'music and lyrics'. drew barrymore and hugh grant, the reigning king and queen of the rom-com, have this cool mini conversation about how pop songs really are like poetry for the modern man and woman. they are equally poetic to the great poems of yeats and shakespeare or lord nelson's love letters except, they make you feel more in the first line of lyrics and harmony than could be conveyed in an entire sonnet.

for instance, i dare you not to feel happy when listening to the the song 'my girl' by the temptations. seriously, i dare you!

the point of all this, is that i have always believed that pop music is fairly trivial and unimportant. it isn't and it is. when pop music is done well, and it rarely is, it can make you feel all pretty and happy. nothing wrong with that.

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