18 April, 2010

exercise is for once a by-product of looking cool.

i am currently bidding on a sweet vintage bicycle on ebay. look there it is! isn't she pretty? yes 'she' don't look too much into it. i think i might call her evangeline. anywho, i calculated last week when getting petrol that i hadn't bought petrol for 5 weeks! 5! how cool is that?! still, not THAT surprising. since getting a sweet new job not 10 minutes walk from where i live and university parking sucking so very hard, i only really use my car to shlep my arse to physie in figtree once a week.

also, the people at my work have been peer pressuring everyone into getting a bike....you know to be cool. i'm perfectly capable of rationalising the slight expense as a way of keeping my current employment. that and well parking inspectors love to book me, not getting parking fines will pay for the bike even if i don't win evangeline and am forced to buy one from melbourne, where all the cool bikes live apparently.

rationalisation over. will take some pretty pictures of me on it as soon as i have it.


Super Sneezy said...

Is it a fixie? Also, are you for real about your work encouraging bikes to be hip? lol. Although, it does sound like a cool shop. And it uses Campos!

Darth Michelle said...

Adrian! Nah it has a lil rust but other than that it is SUPER! Yea ha ha my work is freakin cool. How'd u know we use Campos?

Super Sneezy said...

Hi Michelle,
Has the auction finished? Did you win it? I meant fixie as in fixed wheel (when the wheel turns, the peddles spin. This is awesome for doing skids because you just push the peddles back and the wheel stops instantly. Although it also means you can't not peddle).
I know you use Campos because I read the article that you linked to about your work and it said that you use Campos. I'm quite the detective :)

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