30 April, 2010

boulangerie, which is fun to go into and to say.

i am always looking for new blog topics as i am pretty immersed in my own narcissistic ramblings and have stumbled upon what i think is possibly the greatest topic EVER. cake! yes cake! i really do love cake and i feel because of health hippys and nutrition nazis that it gets a pretty bad wrap these days and needs a little love.

now, my love for cake, like most of us, began when i was a child. it is a love that has continued into adulthood and shows no signs of fading. i understand that this is a weird thing to rant about and perhaps is a waste of the internets precious time and space but, it's my blog and i'll write what i want to. what was i saying? oh yes icing. icing, in my opinion, is the most hit and miss part of a cakes makeup. if the first thing i taste is bad, then i'm moving on....not that i won't eat it but, i will complain. secondly, and of equal importance is the main body of cake. a good cake is like a good house, if its foundations are bad then the whole thing won't taste good.

right, well i think that analogy could have gone better but anyway.... unless your diabetic or amish (they don't have icing, a cake is not a cake without icing) you should be eating at least one piece of cake per week. i might actually request some government advertising to this affect. the slogan could be, "you can't drink too much, you can't smoke, you can't eat fast food and killing is generally frowned on. still you can have some cake 'cause its FUN!". everything that is bad for you is fun. so, you should pick the lesser of evils and just drop by michel's patisserie today for some afternoon delight. the french have the right idea. no one goes to church. we're all going to die, may as well make a fraking nice cake.

unless your diabetic....or amish.

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