25 April, 2010

thank god for the abc!

as i resist the urge to start marching around my lounge room while i watch the annual sydney anzac day march; i've begun to contemplate my own possible military service. as some of you may know, i am considering finishing off my university/psychology qualifications through the australian armed forces. i have always thought serving my country in this way to be an incredibly noble and rewarding choice of employment.

there is nothing i can say in the post that can sum up what the men and women who are marching today other than, 'lest we forget'. today we take the time and give these humble patriots our respect. they, like their fallen comrades when asked by their country to give, gave their lives in the service of our small nation. even if you don't agree with the reasons behind why we go to war, soldiers deserve and should expect civilian respect. i suppose what today is about, respect. for us to take one day every year to be reminded of the sacrifice that unfortunately was essential to our nation being what it is today. the youth of this nation, that seems to be largely in disarray in a haze of american pop culture and bacardi breezers, yearly have their eyes opened to the big, bad, violent world of the past and present.

this is a good thing, and if they watch the parade on tv or in person this is one thing we can all agree on. or if all that goes over ignorant heads, there are always hott navy sailors....that can't be a bad thing surely.

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