10 April, 2010

"fuck off germany", yea i said it, what of it!?

i'm australian, and as such i crave the joy that can only be found in beating other, larger, countries in any sport. the type of sport seriously doesn't even matter. curling, swimming, cricket, base jumping, rugby and/or women's mud wrestling.

still, this need for national pride and gratification seems when pondered for all of 5 seconds slightly weird. i'm not entirely sure where it comes from, but it is rife in this country. we spend millions of dollars each year on making our athletes the best in the world, for what? a few gold medals every four years (that are 92% silver btw), that aren't actually worth much. they might b able to get you a few weatbix tv ads but other than that. who seriously cares!?

this all came from a funny scottish bastard, frankie boyle. who with regards to the upcoming summer olympics in london said, 'they say that the 2012 olympics is going to rekindle english national pride. i mean, for £9.2 billion they could have written "fuck off germany" onto the moon.'. not only is this HILARIOUS because well, germans are still free game to comedians. you never hear people say, 'oh leave the germans alone, the have been through enough!' but also because it speaks to countries motives when hosting and competing in the olympics.

tourism dollars and beating our past foes in synchronised swimming is lets face it, our political leaders real motives. all this celebrating our culture and good will amongst nations is a lot of old bollocks. we need to come to terms with our real motives in australia! we need to stop putting all our time and effort into the idea that we can get some international kudos and self worth from winning a few games or world records.

perhaps, we could put some money into stopping the welfare cycle or hospitals or public schools OR even just give the money to me and see what i come up with. it has got to be better than spending a few millions bucks a year shipping our douche bag cocaine prostitute loving top sports athletes around the world to win at sports that so many of our tax paying citizens don't give a crap about. perhaps we could find some semblance of national identity elsewhere. might keep the bogans off the street at the very least.

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