08 April, 2010

the strokes....my precious.

now this is bit of a fluffy blogpost. just wanted to 'squee' over the strokes latest australian tour. i have seen this band play twice before and my love for them shows no signs of ebbing away. if you are now going, the strokes? who? what? then you deserve a slap! but let me give you a mini education before i resort to senseless violence.

the amazing american (but we won't hold that against them) rock band was formed initially in 1998 in new york. with julian casablancas (vocals), nick valensi (guitar), albert hammond jr. (guitar), nikolai fraiture (bass) and fabrizo moretti (drums). their very first studio album 'is this is' was released in 2001 and is a masterpiece of radiohead proportions. it could be the mix of old world money and new world american life, but the combo breeds an AMAZING sound.

they are scheduled to play at the byron bay festival, splendour in the grass, this year and have announced one sydney side show in july. it's for some reason at the shit hole horden pavilion. tickets go on sale next monday and for the low low price of $90 you can buy yourself a little bit of modern rock experience!

ALSO, the pic above is my current wallpaper.

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