15 April, 2010

'the moonlighting effect'....gah its all the 80s fault!

SPOILER ALERT for bones fans, if you don't want to know what happened in this weeks (in america) 100th episode do not read any further.

now that i'm done with the legalities, on with the rant.

after watching this weeks great episode i was left sad and angry. the impassioned bitch session i had with my sister this afternoon has spurred on this post. the fab ep finished with the booth/bones love going the way of the dinosaurs. the possibility of them ending up married in a house in the suburbs with 2.5 children ended in a spectacular car crash of disappointment. g-man booth declaring his love to odd-ball scientist bones was met with a definitive no, on the later character part. fans of the show have jumped on the idea of killing the producer of the show hart hanson for shooting down all their hope and i'll admit i did this to for about an hour or so. that is, right up until i figured out whose fault it REALLY was. moonlighting!

bit of tv history, moonlighting was a show in the late 80s. half way through the shows run gave fans what they wanted. madeline and david having hot hot sex after two years of ust (unresolved sexual tension, you all don't want to know how i know that). this has been largely attributed to the shows declining ratings and the shows eventual cancellation. after this producers have for some reason figured that americans don't want happy couples on their screens. they prefer them moody and well, horney.

there are many MANY examples of this in recent tv shows. mulder and scully are a prime example. the x files creator chris carter was terrified that the show would get cancelled if he put his dynamic duo in a official romantic relationship. even when they did eventually 'hook up' in season 7 it was never clarified and even in the shows season 8 finale is wasn't made clear if scully's son was mulder's also. why is this? is it really all about keeping audiences happy and thus keeping the studio happy? or does no producer have the guts to subvert the norm, have some confidence in their characters and their writers and give the shippers what they want?

now i know this is trivial but it is really starting to piss me off. how many episodes must i watch of house and cuddy make googlie eyes and spew dialogue with barely veiled sexual subtext? EVEN when we all thought house and cuddy had finally done the underpants charleston, it was all a drug addled delusion! but no we are forced into the same dysfunctional cycle season after season. 'common greg yaitanes take a risk! put them together or rip them apart at this stage i no longer care, anything is better than this emotional merry-go-round!

the thing of it is, 'the moonlighting effect' doesn't actually stand up to much serious scrutiny. the reason the show wasn't renewed for a 4th season was because cybill shepherd (madeline) and bruce willis (david) HATED each other. the set was a battle ground by all reports. that and glen gordon caron (the shows creator) is a hack, for gods sake he went on to create medium. eeewwww. no one likes to see patricia arquette employed.

for a longer more eloquent account of television romance check this article out.

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