12 February, 2010

decisions decisions equals problems problems

so i have sorta tricked myself into facing problems with me, my life and what i want to be different. so this all led to changing my uni degree. arts central told me it was as easy as one form, turns out they are idiots and have proceeded to completely frak up my academic life!! gah! these are smart people, how can they possibly be THAT incompetent?

so now i've started the fixing process. will no one answer my emails? seriously, i cant handle this. being so unsure of what im meant to be doing in 3 bloody weeks! oh and ALSO guess what, the first yr psych co-ordinator isn't back from holidays. uni goes back in 2 weeks and he is still skiing in switzerland! well i have had enough! crying and violent phone calls are my next tactical manoeuvre and if that doesn't work i will drink heavily and shout at you!

but on the only bright side, i do really love my new job! though, it is going to hurt my bank balance with pretty clothes just upstairs. i already have my eye on a $260 pair of nudie jeans. i need them for work, they are essential, honestly!

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katherine kiss me said...

I feel your pain. Anything uni related is balls. I'm going to go shiv some USYD bitches.

On another note, you must come visit my new house! I think I forgot to tell you! I keep forgetting to tell everyone. I didn't tell my Mum i got it for two days until she enquired. Anyway, I have a cat, a roof terrace and a slanted roof.

Oh and nice work with Lee and Me! I'll come visit soon. I too HAVE to purchase a pair of Nudies. I mean I don't need them for work but I'm sure I can make up some excuse for them hah.

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