27 February, 2010

what ever happened to ricky martin?

seriously, where the hell did that guy go? i'm worried. no one has seen him since the 90s. i could just google him and find out but speculating with various friends is way more fun. i've heard, smack head in portugal, raising twin boys in south america and at a long shot some think he could be that ugly betty girl.

this got me thinking, what happens to one hit wonders and character actors when their week long career comes to its inevitable end? a retirement home in the desert seems likely. i can just see bea arthur, the guys from eiffel 65 and the cast of 90210 all sitting around playing monopoly whilst arguing about who's career is still alive. that's an argument none of them should win.

well it really isn't a problem, none of them are coming back. maybe they are really living on an island with old school skin heads and hunchbacks.....you just don't see them anymore.

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The Pilar said...

Ahh Ricky Martin. It seems age catches up with everyone. Alas, he will most certainly make a comeback when the music wheel turns following the usual 20 year dip period. Those who had loved his bon bons will realise Ricky can be old and still steam up the old girls' collar. Tom Jones, Johnny Farnham and the rest still make a good quid, so why not Rick Martin?

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