08 February, 2010

european football is believed by most texans to be a commie plot!

so when i was watching the super bowl today (for the first time ever) two things struck me. the game itself has very little to do with the players using their feet and what was with the half-time show?

so the game, this was may first experience of gridiron btw, was interesting because it was different and new. BUT come on these players, that the commentators insisted on comparing to gladiators, were complete wusses. yes the game is high impact but if they didn't insist on wearing armour and intricate protective head gear there would probably be less inguries. ALSO, they don't even play a whole game. different players for offensive and defensive, one group is hard at it getting a 'touch down', that does not actually require the ball to touch the ground, whilst the defensive group are doing what? getting a massage? having a nap? pft lame!

secondly, the half-time entertainment. now i love the who, rodger daltry is a god. but im not sure the stadium of spectators in miami knew they were from england. now thats ok, i presume they were drunk but could the organisers not get another band who was at least age appropriate and the personification of AMERICAN football. maybe im nitpicking, it all just seemed a bit mismatched to me.

oh well, another thing to add to my list of bazar american pastimes that i don't think i will ever understand. it can go right under midget wrestling and their method for electing government officials. though, this does get me excited. i can't wait for their 'worldseries' of baseball. america always wins....huh, weird.

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