23 February, 2010

shinny pretty things

ok so i can blame my generation all i want; how peer pressure and the media have forced me into shopping like a crazy person during an economic crisis but that would be a dirty lie. i just like shinny things that are pretty and make me feel pretty, is that so wrong? the answer is 'yes' but i strive to live well below my parents and friends expectations of me whilst wearing $300 shoes and a michael kors coat when my job could fall out from underneath me.

don't even get me started on how much money i owe various people. oh that reminds me, if i owe you money get in quick cause the cash i got is going fast. winter clothes are so much cooler than the summer ones i also think they are more expensive cause of all the extra material. there are some nudie jeans that have been calling my name as well, probably doesn't help that i walk past them a few dozen times a day.

well it's time for this trashy, narcissistic and fairly pointless post to end. apologies, to everyone who bothered to read this far. ill do better next time. maybe.

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