07 February, 2010

great zombie bands. its sad when you find they're really dead.

THE UNICORNS are my latest musical find. thanks to super trendy canadian friends, how i met your mother and the shuffle settings on my ipod i have a shinny new love. if indie music is your thing and you are not adverse to a bit of amp feedback then give these guys a listen.

but, the sad thing is they are no longer together and the album, 'who will cut our hair when we're gone?' was their only studio release. if you can get your hands on its amazingness i applaud you. check out their tunes on myspacemusic, i really love the song 'tuff ghost'. you can download yourself a copy but if your a music puritan and dont like to, well steal music, then click here for full info at amazon.com. they are amazing. you're welcome.

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