03 February, 2010

espresso is for sissies

well not really, but siphon brewed coffee is AMAZING. according to coffeegeek.com it is set to make a well deserved come back. developed in france and germany some 160 years ago, this way of brewing coffee is remarkably simple yet the flavour that it is able to extract from the bean (especially single origin coffees) is phenomenal. today, at my hopefully new place of employment, i was showed how the method of brewing works. the consistency and flavour is comparable to a long black but, that just does not do it justice. if you dont like strong coffee or vibrant flavours then this might not be for you, give it a try anyway.

looking at the whole percolating set-up it does make you feel like you might need an advanced degree in chemistry to operate it, but it is actually really easy....even i can do it. if you can even get your hands on one for your own home i can not recommend them enough.

all i can say is ask ya friendly neighbourhood barista, for a cup of this magical liquid.

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