10 February, 2010

google buzz, twitters ugly half sister.

the last 2 days have been a series of consecutive hurdles for miss mchelle. i have felt the need to vent and as im catholic and dont know how to express my feelings in a well adjusted healthy way ill blog instead. nothing very earth shattering but the whole facebook change over of format was just mean. it happened to caitlin a few days before it happened to me so i thought i had been missed by the evil fb fairy and was of course jubilant. so when the change came it hit me where i live. nothing in this world stays the same.

thank god i have twitter. not that anyone follows me (thou gomez did today, that was exciting) but if they change their format they run the risk of pissing off stephen fry and no company needs that. the 'letter to the editors' alone could bring down a billion dollar business. i mean, if apple consultants are called 'genius' then anything in this world is possible. seriously, how is knowing how to press three buttons to force an unexpected reboot of an iPod the work of a genius?

but i digress, this all has led me to todays disturbing discovery. google buzz! what the frak! why do we need another social networking site? 1, im clearly narcissistic enough and 2, does google want me to fail uni? because when i do they can inherit my hex debt! google buzz is just an ugly version of twitter! a badly thought out rip off that is never going to work. its like dating dani minogue when you could just as easily sleep with kylie! makes no sense and i will have no part in it.

though if you do accidentally read this and it floats your boat do follow me on twitter im always desperate for friends/minions!

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