01 May, 2010

oh what fresh hell is this?

what would roger the alien do? today i got some new eps of american dad! i don't care what people say, it is better than family guy! all thanks to the greatness of roger the alien! a guy who is usually always drunk and dressed in elaborate costumes with wigs and hilarious catch phrases. this weeks episode about the apocalypse, 'raptures delight', sees roger take on the absurdity of religion from an 'outsiders' perspective. if only i was a clever as this lazy other worlder.

oh i love your religion for the crazy! virgin births, water into wine....it's like harry potter but it causes genocide and bad folk music.

what's the rapture? its the first sign of the end of the world when good christians ascent to heaven! ascend?! you're flying now!

i hope i haven't missed the bit where the three chinese guys give perfume to the star baby ha ha it's like the diaries of a madman.

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