07 May, 2010


just a quick angry edit! i found out yesterday that the new smoking tax is NOT 2.5% but is in actual fact 25%. TWENTY FIVE PERCENT!!! this sucks! do you have an idea how much more food i am not going to be able to eat to balance that deficit?! today i bought a 20 pack for $17.24! when i asked the lovely young man at the bp service station if that was just for one pack, he looked at me as though i confessed to eating babies and simply replied 'yes'. i only want to smoke! for gods sake i don't do drugs i hardly even drink and i'm treated like a social outcast!

well this is it! i am now going to do something. not sure what that something is but lets put it this way if ole malcolm turnbull was still the leader of the opposition party i would totally have voted for him! skrew you krudd! i hope you get attacked by hot scones on a regular basis!

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