10 May, 2010

facebook sucks! i need a life....

i have been a very bad blogger of late and haven't been posting for my 2 avid readers. get off my back mum! but it seems i have run out of things to say and stalking noel fielding online is taking up a lot of my time. oh and i work and i go to uni. but lets face it, it is mostly the stalking.

now it could be my lack of a life in general and JPs selfish decision to leave facebook, but the 'social networking' site is just not doing it for me these days. there is nothing on it really worth looking at. it is this realisation that rather than it being my friends fault (you know them being boring) it is actually my own fault. i am boring. when did this happen? probably during a stargate repeat marathon i realised actually how sad i am. now this isn't me fishing for complements or anything like that but merely the realisation that somethings in my life need to change.

i am not about to do anything drastic like become vegan and start referring to myself with some kind of amusing alias but little things might be in need of some altering. not going to tell you what cause well there needs to be some surprise when i show up to physie class in a lycra onesie and a mohawke but yes times they are a changing.

sorry no real point to this back to buzzcocks!


Paul Swendson said...

I don't know if you are boring (since this is my first visit), but getting the hell away from the TV could be a first step in the right direction. Of course, as I say this, I am browsing Facebook instead of heading home from work, so what do I know?

Darth Michelle said...

Ha ha Paul you may have a point! Thanks for visiting. Always cool to see random people on my blog. Facebook is evil when it comes to getting things done, but hey thats why we love it. :)

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