23 May, 2010

french military victories - did not match any documents.

just a bit of good old french bashing. this is the result you used to get if you typed into google, 'french military victories' and then pressed 'i'm feeling lucky'. it unfortunately doesn't work anymore but i give you this pic in memory of the smart chickens that wrote this sneaky program. bravo!


Super Sneezy said...

It's a Google bomb!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_bomb

'French military victories' still works for me. You press the 'I'm feeling lucky' button and it takes you straight there. If it doesn't work try clicking the link that says 'Go to google.com' so you're not searching from Google.com.au.

Darth Michelle said...

OMG it still works! Love it! You just have to use the non-region google! Made my day Adrian. :D

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