17 May, 2010

i'm a scared and you should be too.

so before i hook you into this post with my lyrical style of 'writing' please be warned that this post does require some extra reading. a bit like an arts university tutorial, if you don't read at least a few paragraphs of the referred reading you may not get what i'm going on about. like many of my other angry rants this logical one came from the big brained amazing man david mitchell.

have a mini look at his guardian column here and then check back for my own take on this bizarre turn of event. aaannnddd BREAK!

welcome back, so my problem with this is rather self-concerning. i post crap all the time. my facebook status updates as some of you may know are a myriad of threatening physical violence mixed with just general insanity. what if i 'accidentally' (or more like purposely) have a bit of a vent and end up unemployed and fined like poor ole paul chambers? look there he is....what a muppet!

ok so yea, he did threaten to blow up an airport but COME ON, it clearly wasn't a genuine threat as he did say he was going to do it in 'a week or so'. are al qaeda really that hard up for ideas for terrorist attacks? then why, to add insult to injury, would they then go to all of the trouble of planning to blow up a tiny airport and then POST IT ON TWITTER! for gods sake this is ridiculous and i am really now concerned that if one day i say the wrong thing i will get arrested.

i have as a result joined the wonderful website that aims to protect the rights of bloggers and promote fair and sane online law. the electronic frontier foundation (eff), aims to protect users "freedoms in the networked world when they come under attack, the eff is the first line of defence. eff broke new ground when it was founded in 1990 - well before the internet was on most peoples radar - and continues to confront cutting-edge issues defending free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights today. from the beginning, eff has championed the public in every critical battle affecting digital rights."

if you blog, tweet or even facebook i can not recommend enough that you check their site out. know your rights and keep saying whatever the bloody hell you like.

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