31 May, 2010

baby me, and you'll be peeing through a catheter!

there really is something so very very wrong with my ears and how they really really do not like the word 'baby' in reference to me. 'babe', seems to be slightly more acceptable but it does have to come from the right person. it was pointed out to me this week that such endearments must be earned. with friends through trial and tribulation. still, the independent person in me distinctly dislikes being called 'babe' by any man.

i think that it creates a hostility in me that probably has to do with power struggle and domination. now, before you get excited i don't mean domination in the wips and chains kind of extreme way but, there might be an element of that. being called 'that word' (i'm sorry i can't even type it anymore) by a man suggests some sort of immediate submissive dynamic that, to me, always feels like i am being talked down to. as though, i am just the little woman waiting for the man's commands that, i am an almost infantile sexual partner who will agree to without question.

i don't think so!

there is a reason i have included a picture of the lovely agent dana scully. the title of this post is thanks to her and also as a teenager i saw her as a great example of a strong, independent modern woman. even if she did have a penchant for getting kidnapped and shot at.

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