11 May, 2010

oh nicole, thank god paris dumped you!

this is probably going to get me a lot of flack off my super trendy mates but after flicking through a nylon mag this morning (didn't buy it, ha too expensive this week) i found nicole richies new fall/winter fashion line AND it is rather amazing! for god sake she has a phantom of the opera style cape in there. i want it, if only so i can run around my flat pretending to be a witch of hogwarts. but my nerdiness aside, this is a very cool line. velvet, peacock prints mixed with a top hat....what more could a girl want.

also, the other surprising aspect of this absurd discovery is the price. these pieces are actually totally affordable. well, for a celebrity fashion label that is. richie's mix of 70s fashion, that she obviously has a serious crush on is mixed with the trendy retroness of todays (i really hate to say alternative/indie) fashion. but this line is actually not for just the rake moss skinny. free flowing with vibrant colours many of the dresses and layered looks hide a multitude of body sins. still she keeps her line called 'winter kate' very cool with looks clearly inspired by iconic 70s fashionistas like steve nicks and debbie harry.

two very big names there. can't say i ever expected to love something by one half of a duo involving paris hilton but then again a tory just won the british election. anything is possible it seems. check out the nylon story here, hope it surprises you too.

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