12 May, 2010

no body likes a math geek, scully.

you short change a few people and suddenly your a bad person. my math skills are so very very bad. i just don't seem to have a knack for it. for some unknown reason adding 4 and 3 is insanely difficult and when i use a calculator to work it out customers look at me like i'm missing chromosome and tell me the total. as though i'm impressed by their ability to do simple math and read upside down.

maybe, i'm just a bit sensitive about my brains inability to function anymore. feeling slightly academicly inferior and it has begun to seep into my everyday life. ooh well, see how my last psych essay goes and then the decision to kill myself or not kill myself will have a final answer. until then, my current approach to university work will have to do.....putting things off right up until they are due the next morning and having to harass my friends for their knowledge at 2am. cheers wados! love you sooooo much!

ALSO, on a love note big happy birthday to my favouritst wife! cait is all grown up now. the big two o! they just grow up so fast!

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