19 March, 2010

always look on the bright logical side of life

i thought i might tackle religion today cause iv'e not much on my hands and figured me blog needed some substance. but where to start? i probably should preface what i'm going to say with, if you get offended please feel free to slam me, tell me what you really think, insult, berate and/or simply yell. all are for some reasons reactions to my own brand of spirituality.

now i don't pretend to know the answers to any of the 'big questions'. life/the universe/everything etc. but what i will say is this: in the great debate between science and god is doesn't really seem much of a competition. on one hand we have very smart people with bunsin burners, atoms, petrie dishes, nobel prizes, microscopes and answers. and on the other side we have some people with a book.... hmmm yes.

to add to this, the big question of god creating the universe in 6 days did seem a little silly to me, even as a child. i mean the guy is 'god', the big kahoona, surely if he wanted to he could have created the universe in 1 day and spent the other 5 doing something else. maybe creating aliens or something. OR if we were to assume, as the world is full of logical rational human beings, that man was not a result of divine hand but rather a process of slow evolution. charles darwin did write a book about it, you may have heard this, it is i believe called, 'monkey monkey monkey monkey YOU'.

and my last gripe of many (i have not included all, i mean the prada wearing pope is another wingepost methinks) comes direct from the genius that is eddie izzard, "so i've learnt that the world is 4500 million years old. if you're religious, then it's not 4500 million years, its 6000 years old. one of these is not correct.". this is why we need comedians and not pope ben.

cue applause!

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