12 March, 2010

ok it could be my warped mind but, julia gillard is everywhere!

it's probably a bit mad to share this but i had the weirdest dream last night. the part that i can remember, just before i woke up, i was being strangled by a giant badger as a knife weilding clown watched. and who came to my rescue? julia gillard! now it might be my apparently odd love for question time or that she is on our screens more because of the impending election but it was what happened after i woke up that freaked me out.

first, i turn on the tv and who is on there debating with tony abbott the merits of stimulus packages? julia! now that was just a coincidence. but i get into the car and she is on the radio. BUT then, i get to work and the guys are debating her level of hottness compared to other female politicians!

i was then that i had no other choice but to conclude, she is stalking me! u would think she has better things to do. lol

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