30 March, 2010

unemployment leads to fun, that's what your mum doesn't tell you.

now don't flip, i've not been fired. but as i'm working on a rather large blog post, coming to a computer screen near you sometime next week, and i have been neglecting my blog. but what to blog? today at work, when on my break, i received perhaps the oddest and radtastic email. the young miss emma has far too much time on her hands and an intricate knowledge of iphone applications. thus, this picture was born. i really love it! ultimate complement, it is now my facebook profile pic.

this got me thinking. em put this picture together so well cause she is one of my best friends. that is also pretty amazing. anyone that knows her, knows that she is the embodiment of niceness. a trait that people never fail to undervalue, in my opinion. the fact of the matter is, for such a nice, genuine, cool, pun-loving, smart chick to be friends with a grump like me is a complete complement. our personal self-worth (though not entirely) is reflected in our friends. with friends like emma, you don't need to worry about being stuck at waterfall station at 2am....

stay tuned gentle readers for my mock up eulogy (meaning, 'good word') for jp AND my cadburys easter egg fair trade expose.


Emma said...

I love this so much Shell! You have made my day...week...month...year (to date at least!)

Love your own pun on "pun-loving"...see, it's catching! he he


Melissa said...

Awww this is so nice! :-) P.S I love my little weemee too Wados!!

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