13 March, 2010

'inspiring final lines of a speech that douchebags will quote in their facebook profiles!'

this vid deserves its own blogpost for the title alone but there is more to it than that. every year in the months of january and february the big studio companies that make the movies we love and hate will turn out their carefully made academy award winning films. the big problem is that a lot of them are CRAP! in just the past two years films that almost went straight to dvd won best picture. indie films, that were successful at the canne film festival are starting to win big at the industries most lucrative awards.

why? in the last ten years, larger studios that passed on films like, 'the hurt locker' and 'slumdog millionaire' insist on releasing inspirational trash that is easily palatable for a moronic american audience. a good example comes to us this year in the form of, 'the blind side'. now sandra bullock won the oscar for best actress for this film that critics are slamming and audiences are loving. i think this is because audiences can't seem to permeate the thick crunchy outer layer of the true underdog story and reach the gooey racially prejudice centre. this is a movie that as far as plot goes, is the movie 'beethoven'! except that the cute and fuzzy st. bernard dog that stuggles to understand our ways is a big black dude! why aren't audiences angry? is sandra's charisma really THAT powerful? it seems so.

anyway back to the vid below. first this is not a trailer for an actual movie. this was made to make a point. movies that we watch are becoming so one dimensional and formulaic that studios don't feel the need to challenge their audiences. this is not a good thing. and until they realise this, the best picture prize will continue to go to smaller complex films. the below video outlines the step-by-step recipe that studios are choosing to follow when they make movies this time of year. enjoy!


stir fry said...

haha i love!

JT said...

whilst procrastinating on studying for a test, i found yer blog on a search for 'darth douchebag.' because i'm bored.

i loved the blind side. i absolutely did not interpret it in the extremely negative and racially charged manner in which you did, and i'm sorry you weren't able to enjoy it. i came away feeling like i'd just watched a very hopeful, very touching movie about a woman who adopted a sweet, caring young man who'd never been given the chance to excel at anything ever before.

i rather doubt the pro-football player the movie is based on considers himself victimized by his white parents. but that's just one person's opinion.

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