13 March, 2010

mnk on different continents once again.

i might not dream of jeannie but my sister nicole still does and has been bugging me for a post centred around the fab tv show. it has taken me a few weeks but here we go. now this might be cheating just a little bit, but i'm actually gona talk about my sister and not the actual tv show.

now my sister is moving to america next month for a whole year. very exciting stuff! but im gona miss the little tyke. who else is going to talk to me about bones, jane austen or the moronic things kimberley has been doing during week?

what can i say, ill miss the kid with her o'neillish humour and beatrix potter charm. in some ways she is just like jeannie. kind, pretty and lives in a magic lamp. ok so maybe just kind and pretty.

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