06 March, 2010

my wardrobe is a black hole where dreams go to die!

damn my generation, but i NEED more stuff. i disgust myself. while i was getting ready to go out tonight and planning what to wear i quickly discovered that i have nothing to wear. nothing! now i need to spend my next few paycheques on clothes and accessories. its just were the cash needs to go.

this has forced me into understanding why i have this urge. simply calling it a girly whim and part of my female makeup seems simplistic and well, sexist. my thinking is that it's to do with status. what our clothes say about us. you can't go around telling people your like a certain type of music, but wear a band shirt or make yourself look indie cool and well your personality is on the surface.

this to me parallels with the idea that women in male dominated work places, are forced to work twice as the men they are competing with for pay rises etc. i think this is because women are judged on what they look like first and how they think and behave second. maybe, this is why i, as a woman, have this near on obsession with shoes and not just do they make me look pretty but also do they make me look trashy? or like im trying too hard? or like im not trying enough?

damn my gender! oh crap, i think i can hear myself pissing off germaine. all i want is something to wear, is that so bloody wrong?

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