24 March, 2010

in loving memory of sasha.

so as many of you know my poor baby car was killed last year in a vicious encounter with a 1992 nissan proton. i am still going through my grieving process, as she was my very first car and i had lusted after her for months before we were officially 'going steady'. today i miss her even more because my new car, henry, has decided to be a real shit-head and die on me.

as i wait, not 200 metres from the site of sashas untimely demise, for the good people of the nrma to come and fix henry (he is racist btw) i can't help remember the good times sasha and i had together.

my most favourite of which would have to be the time we went, with caitlin, to victoria. oh the fun the 3 of us had together! speeding past the picturesque countryside, driving over 1000 kilometres on 2 hours of sleep, hanging out then sleeping in the back of her for 2 days after a tent/rain malfunction and finally pumping out some massive hives tunes in the longest car queue EVER!

i will always miss my first car love. she symbolises a time of my life when i made a rather large move and then met some of my very best friends. friends that i know i will have for life. cheers sasha, you were a good kid.

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