17 March, 2010

cool as kim deal

it seems that my awful trip home from sydney last sunday night has had more press than the actual reason i was up there in the first place. pixies were playing their doolittle tour. now for the people out there who don't know how massive it is that they are touring again please let me explain. pixies are an alternative band from the 80s and 90s who have influenced the post punk and indie rock movements that followed the bands messy break up. they are also credited by the great man that was kurt cobain himself as a major effect on him starting the band nirvana.

still, most of us figured after the famous 'hiatus' of the band following the notorious bust up between bassist kim deal and lead singer black francis. so this show was AMAZING in the fact that it even existed. but those oldies still know how to frakin' rock!

caitlin did put it best though, it is best if you just close your eyes. they were looking a bit old, but come on they are old. not that i think it matters because that night has rekindled my bazzar love for kim deal. she is easily the coolest chick (in a rock band) EVER! she was sporting an rather dykish haircut and a kd laing inspired outfit but even so, im back in love. forgot how good a singer she was as well, for shame.

i mean really, how many people can claim to have a dandy warhols AND flaming lips song written solely about them?

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