31 March, 2010

sad, no black hole. haha....hole.....

as you may or may not have heard the large hadron collider (lhd) was officially activated to its highest level ever today. you may also have noticed that a black hole wasn't created and that we are all still alive. few, that was keeping me up at night. BUT in all seriousness the creation of the most complex machine man has ever built that cost 9 billion USD (the most expensive scientific experiment in human history) is very very cool.

the machine, that lies beneath the franco-swiss border near geneva, was constructed to help physicists understand the most basic questions of physics and the basic laws and forcers that govern elementary particles. created to simulate the universe seconds after the big bang, this machine scientists hope will resolve many conflicting theories of quantum mechanics, primarily the existence of the higgs boson particle. showing (or not) if there are other dimensions that some string theory physicists believe exist. and other stuff, i'm pretty sure it could make toast, you know if it wanted to.

it is all very complicated but, from what i can gather, if the lhc can tell us anything about the most basic elements of our universe then its existence is most definitely worth the cost. its practical applications in the future are mind boggling. this could in fact be mans greatest invention since the wheel. or at the very least the macbook.

for more info about the lhd go here.

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