09 March, 2010

my little corner of its world is doing just fine.

now i don't usually blog about physie because well, my strong opinions tend to get me into trouble. it's a comparatively small community, i guess. now i understand my angry rant-like post tend to be more popular but in this one ive decided to be positive and mature. because kissing ass tends to be a more successful way of getting what you want off a judge....but that's going in the getting yelled at, agent86 'physie.comesq' territory.

so physie class is tonight and this year i did honestly consider not going back. now before some people start wigging out, there were very specific reason for this. it is my firm belief that some aspects of this sport are broken. methods of judging has been a much loved gripe of mine and i think as a result, i have come off as bitter and well slightly nuts in the past. but all this is second to the fact that last year i worked my ass off (two teams was super fun but my body hated me by december) and competed in the individual competitions hoping as usual for a place in the national final. now i've missed out on this final many many MANY times but last year was especially difficult. now i think there were a few personal factors for this but you can ask mel, i lost it. quite embarrassing now really and i'm not sure that i can do that again.

BUT having said all this i have gone back. i'm a glutton for mental and physical torture it seems. still, the only reason that i did choose to go back this year was my physie classmates. i have listened to physie elders/associates for years spouting the sports mantraish tag-line, 'physie is about fun and friendship' and always thought it was a cover for fierce competition and general girly bitchiness. it was not until this year that i actually bought what the boss' were selling.

physie might have its serious problems but my little corner of its world is doing just fine.

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